In preparation for your home closing, please review the following checklist and make sure that you bring all necessary documents.

  1. Buyers and Sellers must bring a valid Photo ID card to closing.
  2. Buyers must present good funds to closing. Good funds include cashiers checks and wired funds.
  3. Inform your closing agent prior to the date of closing if any party in the title to the property is deceased.
  4. Please inform your closing agent if anyone involved in the transaction is physically or mentally impaired. This will allow our office to make any appropriate arrangements ahead of closing.
  5. If either the buyers or sellers will NOT be attending the closing, please inform your closing agent in advance. We can then work with the parties to mail out or email the necessary documents.
  6. Please bring current invoices for all miscellaneous debt if a requirement to payoff the debt is a condition of the loan.